About Us

Bekay, was established in 2014 in Izmir, is offering products and service to its customers in world standards with our experienced team and wide product range, as well as research and innovations it constantly performs. Bekay products are manufactured with a consumer satisfaction principle under the quality assurance systems.

Bekay Food is kosher approved and employs all the systems to ensure only the highest quality and safest foods are produced that meet our strict HACCP and BRC standards. BEKAY specializes in; Oven Semi Dried Tomatoes, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Char-Grilled Vegetables, Sauces, and Dips and Oven Dried Sweetened Morello (Sour) Cherry caters to all sectors from manufacturing/Industrial, Foodservice to retail. Marinated, char grilled & roasted vegetables to salads, pasta, risotto, stir fries, etc., or simply put them in antipasto, sandwiches, gourmet burgers, and pizzas.  

Our product range can be packed in cartons, dry or frozen, marinated in oil in pouches, jars or cans, or processed into Dips, Unique Sauces, Tapenades and Hummus. Having checked our website, you may be interested in our range of dips and sauces especially with crackers or pretzel. One of our most popular product is grabngo which is a combination of dips and cracker packed together. We also produce gluten free products.

Basically, we can produce a range of high quality gourmet foods.

Bekay food also provides services to food sector as a consultant. Our experienced team provides turnkey facility establishment projects, machine packages, and production know-how.

With an experience of nearly 30 years and a team of experts in packaging techniques, BEKAY offers a varied collection of advanced packaging equipment and products designed and manufactured on site and other packaging services.

Whether machines in its range of standard or custom up to your products and production capacity, our first objective is to satisfy you.

The sales team, technicians of the design office and workshop, accompany you in the implementation of your new projects, from design to start-up on your site.


It is our mission to supply “ever quality” products with a well-trained, customer-focused, traditional and innovative, work force that has adopted team work as a principle just as it did when we set off, identifies the society’s values with those of its own and places importance on R&D studies.


It is our object to be a leading company which elevates the efficiency and competitive power through its Total Quality Management constituting our infrastructure, which optimises the customer satisfaction and which is indispensable for consumers.


Bekay Food LTD.